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Oi, Anzu, it's so nice of you to let Bakura's daughter visit him here in my home. I do look forward to seeing her again soon~ I'll make sure she has plenty of toys.
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Bakura's business seems to be taking off. How nice~ His taste in women isn't all bad, after all. They all scream so loud.

I'm back, and I learned Mana's lesson~
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Private to Mana )

The days are longer, and the nights are shorter; people are everywhere this time of year. How delightful, ne?
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I don't know why women complain about being women. Maybe they really do enjoy being frail and getting used.

Bakura has been so much more compliant lately. All I had to do was take my shirt off~ And it has such an interesting line of work now. He works with runaways, so charitable, ne?

Besides being easier to be around he's also easier to lay, and much more attentive. Oi, Anzu, why did you ever sleep around behind its back when it was that good? But women are fickle and dull, ne?

Private to Mana )
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Well, the girl left. Such a sweet little thing~ Bakura showed her around and I followed to give him decent company. She needed the guide because doesn't even speak our language, ne? She didn't understand when I called her "Pharaoh's whore" but she was so quick to smile when Bakura laughed.

Things are so different since Kul Elna.
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I guess it's not a secret anymore~

Egypt is so warm right now. Isn't it, sister-dear?
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So much anger flowing around, and I didn't even plan it this time. The Darkness is clever, ne?

Private to Anzu )

OOC: The package would have her cell phone in it. He stole a gift box from a woman on her way to a baby shower, so the box would have a pair of baby booties and two infant nightgowns inside it as well. (however, one of the nightgowns has an unfortunate knife slashmark through it. :X)
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So sad, so sad...Egypt lost its flavor.

I'm home, shujinkaku-sama~
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Oi, so much happening at home~ Sister...when are we going back, hn? So much to do, and I miss shujinkaku-sama....

Ai ai, I hope no one is hurt in a massive car accident, or is pushed into a meat grinder, or finds that their lover doesn't truly love them anymore~ It would be so sad and so truly awful, wouldn't it?
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Egypt is so warm~ Sister-dear has been busy, too busy to even sleep, but I make sure she does. Ne, the last thing anyone needs is for her to get sick and die.

I have presents, souvenirs, for all of you~
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...I leave for a few days and Sister-dear brings home a houseguest? And she's close to my room, how...considerate.

Oi, Bakura, I hope the nurses are taking care of you~ Enjoying the sponge baths yet, or are there too many stitches?
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Productive week~ Everyone seems so miserable, is it the weather?
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Private to Shizuka )

Ai ai, busy week~ Is Pharaoh having luck with the gods, I wonder?
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It's the new year. So many people, and there's fire...burning houses down, while people slip out to get drunk and leave their lives to ashes.

What a delightful holiday.
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Hnn~ The woman had a good idea. Let's see what the planets want me to do. Shujinkaku-sama, pay attention.

Today is a series of blunders that follow each other. If you pick yourself up by your shoe-strings you are likely to fall flat on your arse. Go with that animal instinct. You're Tony the tiger, and you're GRRRRREEEAT!


Oi, oi, I understand so much about you now, Woman. But I don't understand that. Anyone care to enlighten me?

Sister, where is Rishid?
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Isis, sister-dear...I made you something. Don't you want to see what it is?

In fact, anyone who replies to this will get a surprise as well. Won't that be fun? Society is all about being generous, after all.


Nov. 1st, 2006 07:46 pm
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My family is so kind, letting me stay here. What a nice home we have, isn't it?


Oct. 23rd, 2006 11:12 pm
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I suppose the next step, now that we're here in our own seperate pieces, is to find a place to live. Poor shujinkaku-sama and Isis don't want me with them.

...Or perhaps instead of finding a roof to hide under, I'll just stay out alone, waiting for what I need to stroll past me in the dark.


Oct. 12th, 2006 04:51 pm
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It's dull here; even the rats are scarce. No matter. Where poor shujinkaku-sama goes, so will I, and it looks as if he is going places.


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